Offsite Tour

Tour of Hypersonics Facilities at the Centre for Hypersonics, University of QLD

Friday 6 December 2019

10am – 12pm (morning tea included)

Bus pick up from 8:30am at Marriott and return at 1.30pm to Marriott.

Tickets are $40 per person (please note this is not included in your registration)

Tickets can be purchased on the main registration form.


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About the Hypersonics Facilities at the Centre for Hypersonics, The University of Queensland

The Centre for Hypersonics at The University of Queensland has been at the forefront of hypersonic research for more than 30 years. The centre operates some of the world leading hypersonic test facilities, including the T4 Stalker tube and the X2 and X3 expansion tubes. T4 has now fired over 12,000 shots.  T4 was designed to be capable of generating conditions suitable for testing scramjets and the majority of shots in the tunnel have been aimed at fundamental studies of the performance of scramjets and their components. The tunnel has also been used for studies of sub-orbital aerothermodynamics of re-entry vehicles and for fundamental studies of phenomena such as boundary-layer transition. The X2 and X3 expansion tubes are unique in that they can generate the flow conditions and enthalpies required to study atmospheric entry manoeuvres (above 8km/s) at full freestream enthalpy.

During this visit delegates will tour the respective facilities and receive an overview of some of the current hypersonic research underway at UQ. There will be an opportunity to have discussions with current researchers.